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Sheet Metal and Plate Cutting Machine

Kavax is a highly versatile and extremely useful sheet metal machine. Its compact size and low weight enable it to move around easily on the workshop floor or to be taken along by the operator on mobile worksites. If the machine is not intentionally treated carelessly and unnecessarily overloaded, it will serve you faithfully for many years. Simply follow these directions carefully and the Kavax will prove to be a dependable and useful aid for everyone working with sheet metal.

Parts Diagram

Accessories & Spare Parts

Ordering accessories & Spare Parts

The adjacent picture illustrates all the parts included in Kavax. When ordering spare parts, always state the serial number of the machine as well as the number and description of the items required. Spare parts and accessories must be ordered from your dealer. Always use genuine parts.


Kavax is delivered with a twelve month guarantee counted from the delivery date. If any part proves to be unuseable during the guarantee period, owing to a fault in material or workmanship, the damaged part will be repaired or replaced at no charge. The guarantee does not cover damage arising through external mechanical action, wear, incorrect maintenance or improper treatment. Moreover, the guarantee cannot be invoked in respect of the cutter wheels and no claims will be recognized in respect of direct or indirect costs relating to guarantee matters.

Description Qty Item
Description Qty
1 Screw 4 33 Spacer 1
2 Support drum 1 34 Worm wheel 1
3 Lock nut 1 35 Key 1
4 Lock washer 1 36 Shaft for worm wheel 1
5 Cutter wheel, lower 1 37 Gasket 1
6 Deep groove ball bearing 3 38 Screw 2
7 Cylindrical pin 1 39 Handle 1
8 Bearing housing lower 1 40 Guard 1
9 Cutter wheel shaft, lower 1 41 Screw 3
10 Retaining ring 2 42 Bearing housing, upper 1
11* Wheel 2 43 Tapered roller bearing 1
12 Stand 1 44 Cutter wheel shaft, upper 1
13 Stop screw 1 45 Key 1
14 Washer 1 46 O-Ring 1
15 Screw 1 47 Cutter wheel, upper 1
16 Wheel shaft 1 48 Screw 6
17 Screw 8 49 Stop screw 2
18 Cover 2 50 Needle axial ball bearing 1
19 O-Ring 2 51 Worm screw 1
20 Lock nut 1 52 Deep groove ball bearing 1
21 Lock washer 1 53 Clutch 1
22 Deep groove ball bearing 1 54 Fluted roll pin 2
23 Oil plug 1 55* Drive shaft 1
24 Gasket 1 56* Shank 1
25 Hood 1 57* Plastic bearing 1
26 Stop screw 1 58 Attachment 1
27 Gear wheel 1 59 Screw 2
28 Screw 8 60 Locking plunger 1
29 Lock nut 1 61 Compression spring 1
30 Lock washer 1 62 Nut 1
31 Deep groove ball bearing 2 63 Screw 1
32 Cylindrical pin 2 64 Support leg 1
      65 Shoe 1

* Parts Options:

11B:   Wheel - Cast Iron 57B:   Bronze Bushing
55B:   Short Drive Shaft 66:   Short Handle Assm
56B:   Shank - Short 68:   Direct Coupling
56C:   Shank - 45 degree  

Owners' Manual & Data Sheet

Click here to Download the PDF Format of the Owners' Manual

Click here to Download the PDF Format of the Kavax Data Sheet

Video Clips

Kavax Sheet Metal Shear
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Cutting 16 Gauge Steel
Cutting 11 Gauge Stainless Steel
Cutting 7 Gauge Steel

Accessories for KAVAX Sheet Metal Shear

30 - 45 Kg / 66.1 - 99.2 Lbs.

Technical Data

Capacity Set at
works to
Cable pay-out
length max
Length weight  
Kg Lbs Kg Lbs m ft Kg Lbs Order Reference

30-45 66.1-99.2 40 88.2 1.9 6.2 18.0 39.7 9 08 01 010 01 5

Technical Tab

Special Features:

  • Cut coils & Sheets quickly and easily
  • New and economical method for shearing
  • Clean cuts with none or very little secondary machining
  • Flexibility allows the machine to be moved quickly to the work
  • Short or long handle
  • Low energy consumption


110 or 220 Volts
740 Watts Input
600-1400 RPM
78 Lbs
5-16 FPM
depending on thickness
  Radius: 8.25 ft


.019-.1875" sheet (3/16")
and stainless up to .177

Work Method:

In order to precisely follow a line, it is important that the plate shearing is correctly aligned from the start. It is then easy to follow the line during shearing. The plate must be placed with its underside free at a height adjusted to the cutting table on the plate shearing machine. When shearing small plates, the shearing machine can be stationary and the plate guided manually.


Kavax weighs only 78 Lbs. (35 kilos) complete. It is easy to use in the most varied work places. It is ideal in steel mills and processing centers.

Short or Long Handle:

Length of standard handle and motor is 46". For confined areas, a shortened version (24" overall length) is available upon request at no additional cost.

Shearing priciples:

The material is cut between the upper and lower cutter wheels. The upper one is driven by an electric motor over a gear reducer. A small serration on the outer diameter of the upper wheel provides self-feeding. The operator only needs to guide the shear.

Cutting wheel:

Changing cutter wheels is done quickly without any special tools. The cutters can be resharpened.


The well-designed handle provides a comfortable working position, making work easier and more efficient.

Labor Safety:

It is equipped with safety cover over the cutting wheel and chuck. A tool rest swings down to safely store machine when not in use.

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